Why I do what I do

‘Live for something worth dying for’ is the message Dean Brackley portrays in his conquest to correct the wrongs of others. Oberserve any toddler you wish and note the level of concentration and commitment they adhere to while exploring their surrounding. Be it random objects laying around in the house or simply the stare toddlers give to unfamiliar faces of strangers. You will instantly note that there seems to be a drive within the toddler to comprehend and understand what he/she is oberseving and why it is the way it is, making judgements about the level of security they may approach the object or person with. 

 As a bachelor comming to an end of my undergraduate journey, I still feel like a toddler. Always trying to understand why things are the way they are. People might note my major and assume that I opted to take the easy way out.  the world does not take  Psychology as serious as I wish it would and could. Sometime the most obvious intunition are the ones that lead to the most amount of acheivement.

At one point in history, the world was flat and centering the universe. How obvious it must have sounded in ancient times, But in today’s world, you are most definetly going to be declared a nutcase for believing such a statement.  my experiences started the day my father took away all the lavish comforts of springy beds, and centrally aircondition houses,  and moved my entire family to pakistan. I learnt to appreciate water, and electricity. I learnt to hate poverty and unhygenic conditions, and most importantly I learnt that in general, people really dont know much about the bigger picture. People living in 1st or 3rd world countries are all so interwined in their own lives that not many choose to care about the enviroment. Why drive a prius? when I can afford a lamborgini? Why worry about emissions, when I can travel the world in big jets?

the point I am trying to make is that people are too occupied and too busy to really learn. I have time, I have resources, I have been given the opportunity that billions would love to have and I will use it. The education I am revieving helps me communicate with people from different cultures, backgrounds, and socioeconomic status. I can sit and talk about spending thousands of dollars with millionaires and I can also talk about my refusal to buy a bottle of coke because It is too expensive (financially, and medically). In pakistan, poeple crave sodas and an abundant supply of such bevarages  elicits chaos amongst kids. they dont know what I know, so It automatically becomes my job to do what I can to help as many people as I can.

My higher ed will continue and I plan to never stop growing as a person. I have volenteered at the cook county forest preserve and will be assisiting in sustaining the native population of plants and animals that the chicago land area should have. I do this in the hopes to first, help the enviroment, and secondly learn from people that actually take this stuff seriously. What exactly makes these enviromentalist devote their time caring for natural habitats instead of worrying about when the latest Iphone will be released. what proffession do these people come from that they seem to care? do they see global warming the way I see global warming; as a serious and the wrost problem to come across the human race ever? why bother studying people and how they function if, my contributions will be extinct several generations down the line. The ancient Eqyptians left their story in stones and we see it, but imagine our plastic being burried underground and our metals decomposing like the trees. Imagine literally removing all signs of our cyber-globalized world. I want to educate people, I want them to have the same learning drive as a toddler, and I cannot do this, untill I can answer these questions myself.

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Run it back

A group of girls get together and gossip and share useless facts that has no effect on the world whatsoever, is a story(myth) within itself. As I tell this, realize that if people gossip, there is a sense of pleasure and something to gain out of the conversation. A drive within humans to interpret and understand things which they simply do not. What am I trying to get at? History will reveal that it was written by the victor. Just as these myths were. overtime, they have changed and been altered to fit the needs of the people that tell them. the significance of these stories is to provide answers to questions of grave conflict. The reason I speak this way is because of the genesis. I appreciate the comparison with the Quran,but even without it, I don’t think God prefers Man over Woman. In this case I feel like there may have been alterations by some people to fit the needs of their time. with scriptures and attitudes of modern generations constantly altering, it is crucial to go as far back into history as possible and try to figure out what those people were really gossiping about. 

note: I use the term Gossip in a very vague manner. I would like to clarify that gossiping in this context simply refers to any topic of discussion at hand. It could be religion, basketball, or some girls nail polish color.

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